What color eyeshadow for blue eyes?

Do you have blue eyes and are curious about which eye shadow colors pick up this blue color the best? Then you've come to the right place. In this article you will read which colors are suitable for the...

How do you use an eyelash curler?

We all want to have beautifully curled eyelashes, i do at least. Fortunately, there are lots of handy ways to do that. You either use mascara, go for lash extensions or a lash elevator, use fake lashes or just...

How to get a tan quickly and keep it for a long time

The weather is so nice that it's ideal to lie in the sun and get a tan. Of course you should always protect yourself from the sun with sunscreen, but there are also a few handy tricks and tips...

How do you prevent a camel toe?

We speak of a camel toe - or camel toe - when the pants leave little to the imagination around the woman's intimate zone. In other words, the pants pull up into the crotch, causing the material to squeeze...

6 wonder tips against puffy eyes

Slept poorly or cried a lot? Swollen eyes never look good. With these tips you can make sure that your eyelids regain their normal proportions. Time is the best tool for reducing swelling, but you can also go a long...

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