What are healthy fats and what are they in?

For years fats were out of the question, especially when you wanted to lose weight. Not for nothing did everyone suddenly have to eat light products in order to be 'healthy'. But are fats really that unhealthy? More recent...

Why is healthy eating important

Healthy eating and drinking is important, for your body and for your mind. But why? Why is healthy eating and drinking important? Your body obtains building blocks from food and drink. If you eat healthy, you get nutrients you need to...

Do you know what organs are where in your body?

Tell me honestly: do you know where your pancreas is? And other organs? Studies show that people know very little about the anatomy of the body. Do you know what organs are where in the body? Researchers at Lancester University...

Suffering from muscle pain but not exercising? Here it is because

Do you suffer from muscle pain, but you have not exercised? We have listed a number of possible and common causes. 1. Flu One of the symptoms of flu is muscle pain. You have nothing else? Muscle pain can be a...

The ten sports for the real man

These days, we men are increasingly choosing to park ourselves on the couch when we have nothing to do, whereas in the past - before all the electronics and smartphones - we would just drag ourselves down to the...

Top 10 sports worldwide

That exercise is good for you, almost everyone knows. But finding a good sport can sometimes be difficult. We list the most popular sports in the world for you. Top 5 team sports A team sport brings more than just movement!...

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