Gifts for anyone who has everything + 12 tips gifts

Let’s face it: Picking out and giving a present is a lot of fun. But finding a gift for someone who already has everything can be tricky. And that’s an understatement. Below you will find 12 x great gift tips to inspire you!

From an avocado slicer, star projector and bicycle coffee holder to a package with. nothing: these are 12 x unusual gifts for someone who already has everything >

An avocado cutter

Despite the avocado hype, an avocado slicer is not exactly a thing that many have in their cutlery drawer. While it does make life easier and puts an end to the eternal hassle of removing the stone. Plus, with the slicer you can easily slice the fruit and serve it beautifully with your toast or pokébowl. How handy!

Wine from the year of your birth

Maybe a bit hackneyed, but a bottle of wine is always good. Even more fun when the wine is personalised to the recipient. This way you can surprise the wine lover with her favourite type of wine in her year of birth. In this way, you show that the gift has been thought through and that a quick pit stop was not made along the way.

Book and wine rack

A case of best of both worlds, because book and wine lovers will be very happy with this storage system. The person who already has everything can put her favourite books and (wine) bottles in it. And, complement the rack with a plant, photo frame or other home decoration such as statues for a truly homely look!

A star projector

Want to bet that the person you’re giving a present to doesn’t already have a star projector hanging in her room? Give it as a gift and the recipient can take beautiful photos with stars in the background and sleep under the stars. Without her having to go outside!

A bicycle coffee cup holder

Is the person always on the run and doesn’t have time to sit down with a cup of coffee? Then simply take your coffee to-go with you on your bike with this holder. Place the cup in the holder and cycle to your important meeting. Just be careful not to hit the brakes too hard.

A gift set from Rituals

Do you want to be in the right place with a suitable present anyway? Even if the person has everything their heart desires, a Rituals gift set is always a good idea! This pink variant is filled with shower foam, a Gearmel candle, body scrub and body cream. And, by the way, it smells really good!

Special Tea Flowers

Are you looking for an original gift for a tea lover who seems to have everything? How about these special tea flowers, where a flower appears in your tea glass and you can actually drink it. A beautiful thing to see, an extraordinary gift and very tasty.

An Eco-friendly Powerbank

A powerbank is always handy, especially if you have a mobile phone that drains the battery in no time. But a powerbank that is also sustainable? That is pretty hard to compare. This SBS Oceano comes pretty close! It is made from 35% biodegradable materials, the packaging is plastic-free (100% recycled paper) and by buying products from this series you are supporting Marevivo, the Italian association for the defence of the sea.

Clothes steamer

Looking for an original gift idea for someone who seems to have everything and doesn’t like ironing? Then a clothes steamer is the ideal gift that will make everyone happy.

A wineglass holder for the bath

Ultimate relaxation is found not only on the couch, but also during an extended shower or bath session. Add a glass of wine to that and the wine lover is completely satisfied. This handy bathroom wine holder ensures that the recipient doesn’t lose track of her wine during some me-time in the bathroom.

A donut maker

They don’t say love goes through the stomach for nothing. And, with puns like “You donut know how much I love you” or “Donut worry, be happy”, this delicious treat can go a long way. So, whatever the reason for the gift, the sweet rounds are always a good idea! Plus, what is more fun than standing in the kitchen together? With these donut socks perhaps?

The Gift Of Nothing

Does the person really have everything and you can’t make them happy with one of the gifts above or the standard gifts like wine, flowers and chocolate? Then you can always give nothing, wrapped in a bow. Because, with this gift, you are giving the recipient…. nothing, with an accompanying English text that says: “Nothing, for the person who already has everything”. One thing is certain: it is original.

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