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What are healthy fats and what are they in?

For years fats were out of the question, especially when you wanted to lose weight. Not for nothing did everyone suddenly have to eat light products in order to be 'healthy'. But are fats really that unhealthy? More recent...

Why is healthy eating important

Healthy eating and drinking is important, for your body and for your mind. But why? Why is healthy eating and drinking important? Your body obtains building blocks from food and drink. If you eat healthy, you get nutrients you need to...

Good and healthy substitute for crème fraîche

Recently I have started to love being in the kitchen. Cooking when I have time for it has perhaps become a hobby. We all have a certain kind of ingredient that we use often while preparing food. One such...

Brown or white eggs?

We regularly get questions about the difference between brown and white eggs. Because what is it really? The breed determines the colour It is genetically determined what colour egg a chicken lays. One breed lays white eggs and the other brown...

How to: Growing an avocado plant

They are a hype on Instagram: avocado plants. I too was (and still am) under the spell of the avocado plant. I first planted an avocado seed after I had slaughtered an avocado. Over 5 months later, the seed...

Replace honey with these 7 vegan alternatives

Replacing honey in a recipe can be tricky. You can't just leave it out because the dish will taste different and have a different texture. Great, so much for your idea of veganising a recipe. Wait a minute, there...

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