How do you use an eyelash curler?

We all want to have beautifully curled eyelashes, i do at least. Fortunately, there are lots of handy ways to do that. You either use mascara, go for lash extensions or a lash elevator, use fake lashes or just curl your lashes. I had actually kind of forgotten about the last one, while that is a very easy and effective way to get your lashes fuller!

1. Buy a ‘good’ eyelash curler

I’ve had a lot of eyelash curlers, from cheap to expensive. A good eyelash curler doesn’t have to be expensive. But make sure it is sturdy and has a flexible rubber. So you can easily press your lashes into the rubber so that a curl is created. I personally like the tweezerman lash curler.

2. Make sure your lashes are clean

A common mistake people make is to apply mascara first and then curl your lashes. You really shouldn’t do this. Make sure your lashes are clean and grease-free before curling them.

3. Warm up your lash curler

You can also skip this step, but it will ensure that the curl stays in your lashes longer (just like a curling iron for your hair is always warm). Heating up can be done very easily with, for example, a hairdryer. Be careful with a warm eyelash curler on the skin that can burn. You can also buy electric eyelash curlers that are heated.

4. Apply your lashes between the eyelash curler

Once your lashes are clean, it’s time to curl your lashes with the (heated) eyelash curler. Make sure all the lashes are between the iron and apply the eyelash curler with the hollow side facing your eye.

5. Squeeze the eyelash curler, but don’t press too hard

It is, of course, very tempting to squeeze the eyelash curler as hard as you can, but you don’t have to. This can actually be harmful to your lashes, possibly causing them to break.

6. Move up a bit at a time

When you have curled your lashes and you still want some more curl, you can move your eyelash curler a few millimeters and squeeze it again for a more intense curl.

7. Apply your mascara

Because your lashes often tend to droop again, it is advisable to immediately apply mascara on top. This keeps your lashes curled longer and you get more effect from your mascara. Beautiful curled lashes with volume guaranteed!

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