How long does a cold last?

After a week of sneezing, coughing and sniveling, you’re fed up and just want to know: how long does a cold last?

Here’s a short list: the symptoms: A cold is caused by a virus. You start coughing and sneezing, you have a sore throat, you are snotty and sometimes you have watery eyes – but you don’t really feel sick.

The average duration of a cold

On average, a cold is gone within one to one and a half weeks; your body clears the virus on its own. Cough syrup and honey can soothe your throat and nose drops help dissolve stuck mucus in your sinuses. Sometimes a cold lasts longer than a week. If you have a low resistance, your body has more trouble getting rid of the virus.

When should I go to the doctor with a cold?

Only when it lasts longer than three weeks and the ordinary remedies do not help or you get other symptoms such as pain, fever and nausea, the doctor may be able to do something for you. This applies if you normally

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