How to easily remove a movie or series from your Continue Watching list on Netflix

Removing series and movies from your Continue Watch list on Netflix has always been very complicated. The streaming service has now introduced a much easier option. This allows you to instantly remove all those programs you dropped out of.

For years, it was an eyesore for Netflix viewers. Even months after you stopped watching a series, the streaming platform would ask you to continue watching anyway, by presenting the next episode to the app’s Continue Watching list. As a result, the viewing list became muddled to navigate, filled with both series you follow and things you don’t want to continue watching.

It was already possible to remove programs from that list, but that option was hidden deep in the account settings on the service’s website. This week, Netflix has made this significantly easier: you can delete series and movies directly from within the app.

You remove a series from the list by opening the Netflix app and navigating to “Watch More. Next to all the programs are three small balls that you can tap to open additional options.

New to this option list is the ‘Remove from queue’ button. By tapping this button a movie or series disappears from the list, unless you want to watch it again later.

You can also click a thumb up or down here. This doesn’t change the list, but makes sure Netflix knows better what you like to watch the most.

Restart or wait
Netflix started rolling out the new button this week. Chances are you can use it right away, but you might not see the option yet. That’s not surprising: big tech companies roll out features gradually, so it can take a while until everyone has access.

Is “Remove from queue” not in your overview? Then try closing the app completely by going to your home screen and swiping it away in the multitask window. When you restart it, hopefully all the new options will be loaded properly.

If you don’t see anything even after that: wait a little longer. Presumably you’ll be a little later and see the addition within now and a few days.

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