What do the double digits on the clock mean?

We’ve probably all heard of it: that one friend who makes a wish every time double digits appear on the clock. But what’s really behind those double digits?

We’ll find out for you and give you an overview.


There is no real scientific evidence for this, but seeing double digits on the clock is considered a sign in numerology. The theory is as follows: higher powers (think of the universe and guardian angels) want to give you a helping hand in this way. If you have doubts about whether you should apply for that one job and you keep seeing the same double digits on the clock, then perhaps this is a sign that you should go for it.

Individual meaning

Besides being an over all sign, each double digit in numerology means something different. We list them for you.


This double number means that a guardian angel wants to tell you that someone is in love with you. Try to find out who it could be and analyze your feelings when you think of that person. The bad weather doesn’t allow for a hot girl summer, so a winter buddy is never wrong.


This means that guardian angels are encouraging you to work on yourself. The important thing is to take the time to analyze your feelings. Give yourself enough time before making a decision, otherwise you may well make the wrong choice.


Good news: if you are a real moth and see 03:03 on the clock all the time, it means that you are in a situation where anything is possible. 33 is a master number that shows you are indomitable. Get ready for big changes in your life.


The numbers never seem to dissapoint. This means that a period is coming when you are in top physical shape. Have you been having some aches and pains here and there lately? This is a strong indication that you will overcome these challenges. It also gives you strength and motivation to take good care of your body.


These double numbers mean that guardian angels will give you a great deal of support. Remember: listen to the little voice in your head, it sometimes has good things to say.


The meaning of this time: you are never alone. If you feel alone, then this is a sign that your guide and protector is always beside you. A nice thought, right?


Seeing this time means that you will soon have some kind of revelation. That revelation will allow you to see the world as it really is. You’d almost set your alarm clock for that.


When you find yourself in a difficult period of your life, this is a sign that you will eventually be relieved of the burdens you carry. So no worries, everything will be fine.


These double numbers proclaim a message, which is: live. Try to push the limits every now and then.


10:10 indicates that the angels are helping you when you first start doing something. Think of it as encouragement and confidence to explore new things.


A darling of many because it is four equal numbers. These four equal numbers show that you have an important connection with your guardian angel or spiritual guide. Wonderful.


Then a special one that needs a little more explanation. 12:12 has great mystical symbolism. In Judaism, the Old Testament describes the twelve tribes of Israel and the twelve minor prophets. In Christianity, the New Testament describes twelve stars surrounding Virgin Mary and the twelve apostles of Christ. In Islam, the Koran describes twelve imams. If you see these often on the clock, it means you have a strong connection to spirituality.


Thirteen is an unlucky number, you would think that twice thirteen brings double bad luck. Nothing could be further from the truth. It indicates that your guardian angel is aware of need for change.


An important message. Anything that does not serve you, you may put out of your life. If something is not what it should be, change it. Don’t get stuck in situations that cost more energy than they bring. Free yourself.


A double number that is all about love. This one means you will definitely have a passionate love affair. Are you already in a relationship? Then it means that new life is going to be breathed into your relationship.


Among all the positivity, sometimes there has to be something less positive. You need to prepare for a major upheaval. It could just be that your pride is about to take a big hit. But remember: you’ve got this.


Happiness is on the way! You’re about to get very lucky. Perfect timing to enter a lottery. Also, fate will give you a helping hand in improving the situation you’re currently in.


You’ve been suffering from some bumps in the road lately. Your guardian angels are ready to help you, but you have yet to figure out how best to allow them in.


These double numbers show that you have a beautiful soul and that you are a radiant, spiritual person. Well, put those in your pocket.


This is a sign that you don’t have to do everything in a hurry. Sometimes take some time to stop and finish things you started.


Are you working on an important project? This double hour lets you know that you will complete it successfully. Your hard work will be rewarded. Isn’t that something that makes us all happy?


Good news: at 22:22, the guardian angels are showing you that you are going to do great things. Because of your perseverance, you have the potential to become a real role model in what you are doing. You go!


This is a sign that your guardian angel is beside you as you work on a project that is very important to you. Whether it is professional, private or romantic, your guardian angel will help you to realize the project.


You are at the end of a cycle, time for a rebirth. This sounds intense, but simply means that a new phase in your life is beginning.

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