Suffering from muscle pain but not exercising? Here it is because

Do you suffer from muscle pain, but you have not exercised? We have listed a number of possible and common causes.

1. Flu

One of the symptoms of flu is muscle pain. You have nothing else? Muscle pain can be a signal that you do have the flu. In that case you will discover it soon enough.

2. Bruising

Bruising sometimes causes the muscle to swell, making it harder to move around.

3. Hit or fall

Did you fall or get hit? Even if you do not feel it at first, you can still have sore muscles the next day from the force exerted on your muscles.

4. Side effect of medication

For example, cholesterol-lowering drugs are notorious for causing muscle pain as a side effect, but this is not the only medication with this side effect. Check the package inserts of any medications you are taking.

5. Stress

Stress can affect the body differently in everyone. Because of the tension that builds up in your body, stress can cause pain in your muscles.

6. Overload

Repeatedly making the same (kind of) movements can cause muscle pain. Think about whether you have done something in the past few days that your muscles are not used to. Unusual movements will cause you pain faster.

7. You slept wrong

Lying for hours in the wrong position can cause your muscles to ache.

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