Oncemagazine Explains: what is a rainbow baby?

You see the term flashed around more and more: a rainbow baby or rainbow baby. Sounds super cute, but what are they really, rainbow babies?

A rainbow baby is a baby that is born after a difficult and challenging period or event for the parents, such as a miscarriage or the premature death of a child.

Hope and happiness

A rainbow represents happiness and we always see such a weather phenomenon when the sun appears between the dark clouds and rain showers. The rainbow symbolizes hope for the future. After rain comes sunshine, so to speak.

And what could be a greater sign of happiness and hope than being pregnant with a baby, a real rainbow baby in that case? Many mothers-to-be therefore choose to share photos of their pregnant belly or newborn rainbow baby on Instagram with the hashtag #rainbowbaby.

Shoots and cards

It is also no surprise that the rainbow is often processed in the birth shoot or birth announcement card of a rainbow baby. And that often produces beautiful results.

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