Short hairstyles 2022 – short women’s hairstyles (2022) (hairstyle inspiration)

Short hairstyles 2022: it’s already 2022! and of course I’m very happy to show you the cutest hairstyles and hair trends for all of 2022. These short hairstyles can be worn in autumn, winter, spring and summer! What short hairstyles are in fashion in 2022?  Discover with us these beautiful short woman’s hairstyles.

Take a quick look at these beautiful hairstyles and hair colors and enjoy these beautiful short headpieces, millimeter hairstyles and pixie cuts! It is also very helpful to know what face shape you have, so you can choose even easier which of these short hairstyles will look great on you. Find out what face shape you have in: how do I determine my face shape?

This beautiful blonde short hairstyle is more of a pixie cut. This is an ideal short hairstyle to grow out further as well, should you prefer not to keep a pixie cut. The big disadvantage of a pixie cut is that you have to have your short hair trimmed at the hairdresser’s. It is a high-maintenance haircut. Don’t mind going to the hairdresser regularly? Then a pixie cut is ideal for you!

Short spicy hairstyles for women (50+)

Are you still looking for the perfect spicy short hairstyle for women? I like to help you on your way and I found some quick but spicy hairstyles for you! The disadvantage of short hair is that you have to go to the hairdresser a little more often, but you’re willing to do that for such a short spicy hairstyle, aren’t you? Even if you’re 50 +, such a nice short head is very beautiful!

Beautiful black short hairstyle. By the way, also take a good look at your own hair type: do you have very straight hair by nature or are you blessed with a big bunch of curls? This also has an influence on your final short hairstyle. Normally your hairdresser will look into this for you, but often enough this does not happen (and especially not by hairdressers who work in a chain and where you are outside after 15 minutes).

Short ladies hairstyles 2022

Short blonde head: oh, this is also such a beautiful short hairstyle! This short cut also contrasts very nicely with her clothes, really very nicely done. By the way, if you have a very short cut, it’s an ideal time to start experimenting with your hair colors!

You can go along with the latest trends in hair colors, if you don’t like it, simply dye your hair again in a different color or let it grow out. After a few months you can have a new pixie cut at the hairdresser.

Beautiful short hairstyle with balayage: Of course you don’t have to change the color of your entire head of hair: you can also experiment with a short head of hair! Like in the picture above: there you see a beautiful brown hair color that is made very natural by the balayage that is in it. Are you also such a fan of balayage hair colors?

Red hair color: short hairstyle. As you can see, you can also opt for a short bob. Bob haircuts are ideal if you’re still a little unsure whether you really definitely want very short hair: the fronts of your hair are long, so your hair doesn’t feel so short yet. By the way, this is also one of the trendy hair colors we will see this year!

And quite rightly so, of course! Sometimes a pixie haircut needs some extra time (although you would think that a short haircut requires much less maintenance, no?) because you have to go back to the hairdresser more often to get your hair trimmed, but also styling it at home can sometimes take a bit longer. It all depends on what you like to do with your hair.

Short haircut with brown hair color: this is such a great cut! If I would dare to do it myself and have the face for it, I would have it cut like this! This pixie cut is ideal if you still want to style your hair in different ways: you can choose a very feminine look, or just a very cool look.

The advantage of balayage: it grows out beautifully! You can see that here in this short hairstyle that is gradually getting longer again. That’s why we often recommend going for a balayage, it’s an ideal low-maintenance color, unless of course you need to be in the toner regularly because your hair gets a yellowish shine.

  1. Very nice short hairstyle in a black hair color.
  2. Gorgeous short hairstyle, one of the biggest hair trends in 2022.
  3. Super spicy short hairstyle in a brown hair color.
  1. Beautiful short/ medium length hairstyle.
  2. Make your face stand out even more by wearing nice big earrings.
  3. A beautiful short afro: what a beauty!
  1. Super spicy short hairstyle with straight bangs. The lipstick completes this short hairstyle and it comes out even better this way.
  2. Beautiful short blond hairstyle.
  3. Gorgeous shiny hair.

Short Hairstyles

What beautiful short hairstyles! These short headpieces are so beautiful 🙂 Whether you like a pixie cut, a curly short hair style or any other short hair trend, you will definitely find your favorite short hairstyle among them.

These gorgeous pixie cuts are super, super short! But beware: if you get a short haircut like this, you’ll have to go back to the hairdresser very often to get it touched up. Your hair will look good faster because it’s short, but keep in mind the maintenance that comes with it. Don’t mind that at all? Then these hairstyles are totally your thing and then you can go full-on for such spicy short hair.

Which short hairstyles suit you?

Ok, so you have decided that you would like to get a short haircut. But which of the many short hairstyles would look best on you? The first step is to determine your face shape: what shape is my face? . After that, it is also helpful to know, “what hair color suits me?”.

Do you know what face shape you have and what hair color suits you? Which bangs suit you? That’s also an important one!

  1. What face shape do I have?
  2. Which hair color suits me?
  3. What bangs do I have?
  4. What type of hair do I have? (straight, difficult hair, coarse hair, messy hair, …)
  5. How much time do I want to spend on my hair ‘(in the morning)?

The best styling tips for short hairstyles and short hair:

Looking for some more styling tips for your short hairstyle? No problem, we have collected the finest styling tips for short hair:

  1. Don’t use too much conditioner while washing your hair: it will make your short head much heavier and make it much harder to style afterwards
  2. Have your hair regularly trimmed by your hairdresser: short hair is quite high maintenance.
  3. Even more styling tips for short hair

Short hairstyles for women with glasses

This is a separate category: which short hairstyles look good on women with glasses? Since I myself have worn glasses for many years, I can definitely help you with this!

Spicy short hairstyles of celebrities

These celebrities are known for their beautiful, spicy short hairstyles. So you can easily google their names and search for many more hairstyle inspiration!

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron has invariably opted for a gorgeous, spicy short cut in recent years. So she is definitely an ideal example if you are still looking for short hairstyle inspiration. Below you will find some short hair style inspiration photos of this beautiful lady:

Natalie Imbruglia

Aaah, remember when “Torn” was constantly played on MTV? Yep, I’m getting a little older, that’s for sure! But her haircut immediately became an iconic short haircut and it is still invariably requested by hairdressers. And, let’s be honest, this is one of those hairstyles that has really stood the test of time.

Audrey Tautou

Audrey Tautou also has one of the most iconic short hairstyles of recent years and her hairstyle is still often asked of hairdressers in 2022. Whether it’s her Amélie Poulain haircut, or the short headline she wore for years… this is and always will be a spicy short haircut.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence has also been wearing short hairstyles for years, and again, no surprise: her short hairstyles are always a big hit at the hairdresser’s too. Take extra care of your blonde locks if you also get your hair dyed!

Miley Cyrus (old hairstyles)

Another celebrity whose short hairstyles were imitated for years and were invariably on the list at hairdressers: Miley Cyrus. Especially during the time of her “Wrecking Ball” clip and era, her short hairstyles were really mega-popular. All of a sudden, everyone was wearing short, platinum blonde hair.

Now she has made sure that the mullet is hip again and her most recent haircut is the wolf cut. Totally on-trend, just goes to show what celebrities can do with trends! They can set a new hair trend for the year, like Miley did for the last hair trends of 2022. She did this for short hairstyles as well as for hairstyles for (medium length) hair.

Jennifer Hudson

If you are looking for a really short hairstyle, but one that is incredibly classy, this hairstyle by the gorgeous Jennifer Hudson is also definitely worth copying! This is a more sleek short hairstyle and needs a bit more styling.

Halle Berry short hairstyles

What do you think of these short hairstyles? Are there any hair trends among them that you’d like to try? Women also look beautiful with a buzzcut! Do you dare to wear this hairstyle? Just keep in mind that you will have to maintain your hairstyle a lot if you want to keep this sleek look.

Other short hairstyles women

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