Why you should eat oranges every day

An orange has been a symbol of health since time immemorial. An orange contains a lot of vitamin C and if you’re not feeling well, you can boost your immune system simply by eating an orange. But how healthy is an orange exactly?

The origin of oranges is known by few people, oranges come from China. Hence the name orange: it comes from orange-apple. In the past, China was also called Sina. Pretty funny, right?

How healthy is an orange?

An orange is a citrus fruit and grows on an orange tree, so far you were probably already aware. But did you know that an orange used to be a real delicacy before the 20th century? That is different now. Every fruit basket has an orange at its base.

This is not without reason: oranges are known for their high content of vitamin C. But that is certainly not the only vitamin that an orange contains. Oranges contain both vitamins and minerals. Which ones are they and what are they good for?

These are the 5 health benefits of an orange:

1. Orange boosts the immune system

This is perhaps the best known health benefit of an orange. Because it is known for its high dosage of vitamin C, it boosts the immune system.

Vitamin C actually protects your body from free radicals, these can harm your body, including causing chronic diseases.

2. Healthy cholesterol

Besides vitamin C, an orange also contains fiber. The fiber in an orange can help lower cholesterol levels in your body. Research has shown that the fiber in an orange is able to clear away excess fat.

3. Radiant skin

In the latest Bedrock Talks episode on natural skin products, experts from the natural beauty platform Nourished talk about how important vitamin C is for healthy skin.

Vitamin C protects the skin against damage from the sun, for example, but also plays an important role in the production of collagen. That is the substance in your body that keeps the skin healthy, supple and young. So: eating an orange every day promotes healthy and radiant skin!

4. Good blood pressure

You want to prevent high blood pressure and eating an orange every day can help. That’s because an orange contains the substance hesperidin, or vitamin P, and according to research appears to have a lowering effect on blood pressure. The substance is mainly found in citrus fruits.

In addition to its effect on lowering blood pressure, vitamin P also benefits your brain. It is thought to make your brain work better together.

5. Cells

Your body consists of many cells that play a very important role in your health. If you get enough vitamin C, you have a greater chance of healthy cells in the intestines and bone marrow. That has to do with the fact that vitamin C can help prevent mutations of DNA.

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