This is how to keep lemons fresh for a month

The zest and juice of a lemon always come in handy. In fact, we should invariably have one of these sour, yellow things in the house. Unfortunately, the things don’t keep indefinitely. After a week, the juiciness is usually gone. But if you use this trick, the citrus fruit will last for a month.

Juice and grater as the basic ingredient

Back to the versatility of the lemon. Why should you always keep one on hand? First of all because of the juice, which you can sprinkle over a piece of salmon or add as an acid to a sauce or dressing.

But the peel is also indispensable. And apparently it becomes even tastier by the storage trick. For example, put the zest over pasta, through risotto or process it in a cake. When it comes to basic ingredients, lemon is definitely in our top three.

Lemon keeps the longest

Unfortunately, over time the citrus fruit loses its moisture and within a week it is no longer tasty and fresh. But America’s Test Kitchen has come up with a solution. The best way to store them is in the refrigerator in a sealable plastic bag.

The bag keeps the moisture in the lemons. This way you can keep them for four weeks. The grater will have a different taste if you store the lemon in a plastic bag, the zest will even be tastier. Look, that’s something we can use.

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