This is how you can view someone’s Instagram Stories without them seeing it

Let’s be honest, sometimes the temptation is great to check out what all there is to find about someone on social media. Whether it’s your crush, your new boss or your ex – you prefer to do your research anonymously. And in the case of LinkedIn or Instagram Stories, that can be quite difficult. Fortunately, we now have a solution for the latter category.

Viewing Instagram Stories

Would you like to see what someone shares on Instagram Stories without them being able to find it back? Apparently that is not as much of an obstacle as we always thought. On the website you can – without logging in – enter someone’s username and view all their stories from the past 24 hours. The person in question does not receive any notification of this. Easy!

Downloading photos

The site offers another bonus. Where it is not possible on Instagram to download photos from your feed, it is possible of the website. Handy!

An important note: the profile from which you want to view Stories or download posts must be public. Good thing, because anonymous social media stalking on screened profiles would be pretty creepy.

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