What color eyeshadow for blue eyes?

Do you have blue eyes and are curious about which eye shadow colors pick up this blue color the best? Then you’ve come to the right place. In this article you will read which colors are suitable for the blue-eyed among us. Certain colors can accentuate your eyes and give a nice contrast. Other colors just go along with the blue tones, which in turn creates a nice whole. In principle, any eye shadow color can match any eye color, provided you take a number of factors into account.

What color eyeshadow matches my outfit?

One of the questions you should ask yourself when choosing your eyeshadow for blue eyes is what clothes you wear. After all, you may have heard at one time or another that purple gives a nice contrast to your blue eyes, but if you put on a red dress, that purple eyeshadow won’t do much good. Therefore, when choosing your eye shadow, first take into account your choice of clothes and also how much you feel like wearing makeup. Some days you’ll want to take it a little easier and occasionally you’ll feel your wild side coming out and you’ll want to go crazy and bright.

Beautiful eye shadow colors for blue eyes

Aside from the fact that any color can basically go with any eye color type, a few colors stand out for blue eyes. You want to make your eyes look even bluer and more sultry. For this result, you can work with the following colors:

  • Earth tones
  • Orange, brown or gold
  • Rust or copper
  • Lilac or purple
  • Blue (a shade darker than your own eyes)

These colors of eyeshadow go best with blue eyes. Because of the earth tones, you give more emphasis to the color that is visible. If you prefer to go for a colorful eyeshadow, then you will have to try lilac or purple. This color also enhances the blue tones in your eyes and makes your eyes extra bright.

Cool tones

In general, cool colors look better on blue eyes than warm colors, for this there are some exceptions like the three colors in the above list. This is because in the color circle blue (cool) and orange (warm) are opposite each other, making them a perfect match. This brings me back to the colors copper and earth tones.

Cool shades, on the other hand, are closer to blue eyes and therefore match well. Lilac, purple and various shades of gray are widely used for blue eyes. Blue eyeshadow also goes well with blue eyes. The danger here is that you use the wrong shade of blue. Therefore, when buying your eyeshadow pallet at the Douglas, pay attention to what color blue you buy. Choose a blue shade that is darker than the blue of your own eyes or go for a subtle bright turquoise shade.

Subtle eyeshadow for blue eyes

For your daily makeup routine you often don’t want too much makeup and want to create a natural look. You can do this with one of the warm shades from the list above. Work from light brown tones to dark brown tones in the corners of your eyes. Add some shimmer on your eyelids to further emphasize the depth in your eyes. To keep your eyes from being too heavy, you can apply a skin-colored eye pencil on the lower waterline. This will give you an instant fresh eye look. Finish it off with a layer of volume mascara and you can start your day.

Golden glitters

To make your light eyes sparkle, you can finish your eyeshadow with a golden glitter. This eyeshadow fits perfectly on top of your warm eyeshadow and also on top of your blue eyeshadow, it can provide extra dimension. Glitters can make just the difference between your everyday makeup and an evening look.

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